Albanian Mafia from Occupied Kosovo Stealing Serbian Timber

by 1389 on February 2, 2012

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The Albanian mafia devastates forests in southern Serbia

Albanians in Kosovo are devastated forests in the southern Serbian province and now find themselves in the municipality of Medvedja, Raska, Kursumlija, Leskovac and Vranje in southern Serbia, writes Belgrade’s “Evening News.” [See: Albanska mafija krade naše šume!] Most Albanians are cut down trees in a forest farm “Kuršumlija” where is the beginning of 2011. The illegally harvested 10,315 cubic meters, which is 62.9 percent of the total illegal logging in the central and southern Serbia, according to a report of illegal deforestation of the Public Company “Srbija”.

Ever since international forces arrived in Kosovo and Metohija, the 1999th year, she began a massive theft of state forests are carried out by the Albanians, but also in municipalities situated in the zone proper.

Executive Director of Forestry and Environmental Protection “Srbija” Predrag Aleksic said that the Serbian state officials are not allowed to enter the safety zone between central Serbia and Kosovo, while on the other hand allow EULEX to Kosovo Albanians.

Aleksic explained that the Albanian mafia organized forest in groups that usually have three tractors, chain saws and a dozen truck. Fall in najtesnije canyons, wherever there is a forest road. To intimidate the forest guards, Albania on the Serbian territory šumokradice shoot or throw grenades in their direction.

It is suspected that the Albanian mafia has forest associates among the Serbs, who live in the municipalities of Kuršumlija, Leskovac, Vranje and Raska Medvedja.

“Most of the stolen wood in Serbia, which is transferred to the province, sold for fuel at a price about 45 euros per cubic meter. In addition, in Kosovo there are wild sawmill, whose forest mafia boss ordered the theft of logs from Serbian forests. They fall, just cut a healthy tree corpse transported to Kosovo, and cut branches left in the forests in southern Serbia. while these cases have been reported, KFOR and EULEX refuse to protect the forest wealth of the Serbian and the Kosovo šumokradice catch,” said Aleksic.

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