How Much Did Mitt Romney Pay You? – An Open Email to Ann Coulter

by CzechRebel on January 24, 2012

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Our readers have a simple question for you: How much did Romney pay you for your endorsement? Please don’t lie.

Or are you hoping that Romney will ensure four more years of Obama? Obviously, you could sell many more books and speaking engagements with Obama in office than you could with President Ron Paul, President Rick Santorum or President Newt Gingrich. All three would make much better presidents than Romney ever could. But ONLY Romney can afford to pay for these endorsements.

Yes, the Republicans have three credible candidates this year and a real loser–true, he is a rich loser–in Romney.

While all of the candidates have some baggage, Romney is by far the worst. He created the blueprint for Obamacare. He has been on both sides of too many issues (the same was true of his father). He will simply say and do ANYTHING to get elected.

Romney could NEVER get the pro-life community behind him. In the latest primary in South Carolina, his support from people who considered ending abortion their primary concern, Romney finished dead last. In fact, his support was in single digits. Clearly, the massive pro-life faction of the Republican electorate will stay home, vote third-party, or even vote for Obama, so they can put a pro-life President in the White House four years up the road. For that reason alone, it will be almost impossible for Romney to beat Obama!

So, please, let us know. How much does Romney pay for these endorsements?

One other thing, please don’t ever call yourself a “conservative” again. Your endorsement of Romney proves you are NOT a conservative and never were.

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