To the Commonwealth of Virginia: Why Your GOP Primary is a Complete and Utter Sham

by 1389 on December 30, 2011

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First, please read this article at Ashby Law Firm:
Why It’s Time to Change Virginia’s Unreasonable Ballot Access Law

(h/t: GOV)

I left a message on the Ashby site; here is that message in its entirety:

Evidently, the Virginia GOP are either controlled by, or are themselves, Washington insiders who are rigging the game to keep out any candidate who both:

(1) has a chance of winning (unlike Ron Paul);
(2) is a genuine conservative who excites real people in flyover country, and who provides a legitimate alternative to RINOs, Washington insiders, and other subhuman parasites on the body politic (unlike Mitt Romney and Ron Paul).

A large part of your Commonwealth is, in fact, a suburb of Mordor on the Potomac. The Constitution makes it difficult to partition any Commonwealth or State, so you’re stuck with them. I don’t envy you.

Unfortunately, this electoral wrongdoing in Virginia – and wrongdoing it is – has a deleterious effect on the rights of the rest of the citizenry of these United States, who don’t want an evil or crazy pair of presidential candidates foisted on us by having primaries stolen by one method or another, in one State after another.

Both parties, and the government at all levels, are rapidly losing the already tattered fig leaf of the consent of the governed. When that happens, the result may be a preference cascade. If you don’t know what that is, Google is your friend. We hope to have emigrated by that time.

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1 Micha Elyi December 31, 2011 at 4:17 am

Retaliate by crashing Virginia’s economy after 2012. Elect only budget cutters with the Skil (or Mccoullough) to do the job right. Less federal spending means lower population in Occupied Virginia.

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