Stop the Islamization of America: Maryland Public Pools Enforce Sharia-Muslim Swim, Segregated Swimming

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Ever wondered what a “burqini” looks like? Now you know. The article at the above link tells how shari’a and gender apartheid are coming to a sports facility near you.

Muslim swimsuit for women - 'Burqini'

Perfect: Florida Occupier Busted for Stealing Furniture He Used in Camp

Photo of the perp (but not the furniture) at the above link. No information about whether the victim still wants his furniture back after it’s been collecting mildew and vermin at Occupy Pensacola.

Obama Administration Training Egyptian Islamists for Elections

I keep mentioning that Washington DC is swarming with Muslim Brotherhood moles. Now they’re coordinating the Obama Administration response to the so-called “Arab Spring” so as to cement the ascendancy of the Muslim Brotherhood in the affected countries.

If you want proof that U.S. policy towards the Arab Spring is fatally flawed, look no further than William Taylor, the State Department’s Special Coordinator for Middle East Transitions and long associate of Muslim Brotherhood apologists. Taylor officially took charge on September 16 and oversees U.S. aid to countries affected by the Arab Spring, specifically Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.

Taylor’s office has been giving Egyptian Islamists training to prepare for the election contests that begin on November 28. He justified it by saying that the assistance is open to all parties and the U.S. wouldn’t pick sides. “Sometimes, Islamist parties show up, sometimes they don’t,” he said nonchalantly.

When asked how the U.S. would feel if the Muslim Brotherhood won Egypt’s elections, he said, “I think we will be satisfied, if it is a free and fair election. What we need to do is judge people and parties and movements on what they do, not what they’re called.” The answer seemed to infer that critics of the Brotherhood are needlessly alarmed by the name of the group.

It gets worse. Taylor compared the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to Tunisia’s Ennahda Party, as if that is a positive example to follow. “As long as parties, entities do not espouse or conduct violence, we’ll work with them.” He said there is undue fear of the Islamists. “This is something that we are used to, and should not be afraid of. We should deal with them.”

It is hard to imagine a statement more frightening and naïve coming from a senior official…

Much more here.

The Muslim Brotherhood, like other organizations that support the Islamic agenda, does, in fact, espouse and conduct violence. Muslim doctrine requires violence; that’s what it’s all about.

Hege Storhaug: Very Little to Debate at ‘Human Rights in Islam’ Discussion

It’s an oxymoron.

It is impossible for me to provide a complete account of the debate on “Human Rights in Islam: Just or Unjust?” that was held under the auspices of IslamNet, Norway’s largest Islamic organization, on November 7, 2011. The “ideas” that were presented were utterly lacking in logic or intelligence, and the whole thing raced by very fast. It was almost impossible to keep up with it all: claims were made at a tempo out of another world, and were absolutely without substance. It was far more a revival meeting than a debate.

They delightedly applauded the chopping off of hands and feet. And they didn’t raise an eyebrow when executions committed by family agreement were defended as a reasonable ”human right in Islam.”

You would be forgiven for thinking that we were in deepest Saudi Arabia, or in a long-ago century. Far from it. We were in an auditorium at Oslo University College, where our future was being hatched onstage. The place was packed, and the great majority of the young students were wearing clothes that identifed themselves as followers of the Prophet.

The website reported prior to the “debate” that the participants were sharia expert Fadel Soliman, Lars Gule, and myself, and that Gule would withdraw from the event if IslamNet separated the audience members by sex. But they did. The young women used one entrance to the auditorium, the young men another. The auditorium consisted of four sitting areas. The areas in the back were entirely separated by sex, while one of the areas in the middle contained members of both sexes — though not in the same rows. The sexual separation “just happened — entirely naturally.”…

More here.

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1 jim Campbell November 19, 2011 at 4:04 pm

Hi Amigo, thanks for the linkage back to your site. I’m sure I’ve offered, but anything you find on my site please feel free to grab. We are all in this together. J.C.

2 jim Campbell November 19, 2011 at 4:09 pm

Human Rights are anathema to Sharia. If fact I posted an article recently where a Muslim woman running for office in Egypt planned to bring back Sharia???

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