Are you smarter than a Wall Street Occupier?

by 1389 on November 18, 2011

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If you can read this blog, you probably are.
For that matter, if you have successfully made it through toilet training, you probably are.

Take this quiz and find out for sure.
(To view the correct answers, click the link below each question.)

Occupiers from all over the US will be voting, bless their hearts, though they lack any coherent understanding of the candidates and issues that they plan to vote for. None of them can clearly articulate what they are upset about, other than the fact that they want what someone else has.

Most of the Wall Street occupiers have been to college. They didn’t get much of an education in return for those student loans that they won’t be able to pay back. In place of an education, all they got was more of the same indoctrination that they already had in K through 12.


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