William Dorich to Haroon Siddiqui @TorontoStar: Stop lying about Srebrenica!

by William Dorich on November 13, 2011

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November 12, 2011
Letter to the Editor
The Toronto Star

Dear Editor:

If the Toronto Star provides editorial page space to Haroon Siddiqui the newspaper is responsible to assure your readers that what is printed is honest.  His lack of integrity reveals pure propaganda.

Beginning the article with an exaggerated lie, Siddiqui repeats the worn out mantra that “8,372 Muslims were massacred,” that is totally unsubstantiated with any evidence now for 16 years.  After the fall of Srebrenica the 8,000 figures was immediately reduced to 7,000 by the media, but apparently that fact flies in the face of Siddiqui’s obvious racists ploy. At the time international journalists interview dozens of eyewitnesses, none of who saw or reported any mass killings yet this lie continues to be repeated.

Mr. Siddiqui never once mentions Nasir Oric, one of the worse Muslim thugs in this Bosnian war. Along with his gang of butchers they not only destroyed 38 Serbian villages that surrounded Srebrenica, razing hundreds of homes, he used the so-called “Safe-Haven” as a retreat each night to hide among the protection of NATO forces. Oric video taped his slaughters of over 3,400 Serbian victims. To Siddiqui and all Bosnian Muslims those unarmed and innocent Serbs do not deserve the same justice he demands for his Muslim comrades.

Ten days after the fall of Srebrenica the Washington Post carried a story by John Pomfret who was a witness to what he called “About 4,000 Muslim troops from Srebrenica made their way through the forest to safety in Tuzla.” The ICRC released a memo two weeks prior to the fall of Srebrenica that disclosed that “About 4,000 Bosnian troops in Srebrenica were reassigned to other military duty kept secret even from their own families.”  If you add this 4,000 to those seen by Pomfret plus the alleged victims this totals more than 15,000 Muslim troops, a third of the Bosnian army in a safe haven? Siddiqui treats your readers like idiots.

I remind The Toronto Star that you carried a story of Nasir Oric written by Bill Schiller who said he was “forced to sit in the living room of Oric and watch the video of him decapitating his Serbian victim.”  Schiller called that video “Oric’s Greatest Hits.” Siddaqui never mentions this disgusting piece of video evidence.  The Hague Tribunal watch it and set Oric free, revealing the contempt this Kangaroo court has for real justice.

If Mr. Siddiqui is going to lecture your readers about justice, truth, stabilization, Dayton and victimology he should start with the facts, it is both insulting and immoral to repeat fabrications that have long been disproved.  Your readers deserve better.

William Dorich
Los Angeles

The writer is the author of 9 books on Balkan history and music including his 1992 book, Kosovo. He is the recipient of The Order of St. Sava the highest recognition given to a layperson by the Holy Synod of Serbian Orthodox Bishops.

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