Who’s your mayor?

by 1389 on November 5, 2011

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How much do you know about your mayor?

Where does he or she stand regarding the #Occupy movement?

If you live in an incorporated area, you have a mayor and a city, town, or village government. You also live in a county (or parish) and you need to know about that too.

Too many voters pay close attention to the presidential election to the exclusion of everything else, because that’s where nearly all of the media coverage is. Voters who are uninformed about local politics cannot hold their local politicians accountable.

In most cities, the media are all left-leaning and they won’t help you very much in this regard. You can get the real scoop face-to-face, at your local Tea Party gatherings.

Local government is especially important now that the #Occupy movement has invaded so many cities and towns. They have assembled squalid ad-hoc “communities” without taking responsibility for governing them. As we have pointed out, if the “useful idiots” involved in this movement weren’t, well, idiots, they would be protesting against the very people and organizations who recruited them. (See Occupy Wall $treet Explained for a cartoon on this.)

For now, though, let us focus on stopping the Occupiers from doing any more damage than they already have.

The Victim Factory: Occupy Wall Street and The Left’s Culture of Crime

In his debut PJ Crime column Rob Taylor reveals the painful price of moral relativism.

While the big story in conservative circles is the stunning amount of criminality coming out at the Occupy Wall Street protests, I’m shocked there hasn’t been more. The Occupy protesters are — by and large — downwardly mobile, sheltered, white drug users who have joined a variety of fringe movements and refuse to cooperate with police in any criminal matters. In the highly politicized blogosphere where most of these stories are being broken we often call people like these “radicals” or “revolutionaries,” but in the real world they are known by another name.


I often describe the mainstream Left in this country as a cult — and it is. But a better description for the Left is a victim factory. We have allowed the Left to indoctrinate generation after generation of our youth into a worldview designed to create a dependent, addicted, rudderless population adrift in a sea of moral relativism. That the Left does this to create lifelong clients of the authoritarian state they dream of is a moot point because the real danger in this country isn’t that leftists can succeed in overthrowing America, but that the byproduct of their plan is the social chaos that comes from the criminality their learned weakness encourages. Leftism extols the supposed virtue of moral, emotional, and physical weakness; it applauds those who remain dependent on the largess of others all the while vilifying the very ideas of self-reliance, honor, and morality. It teaches that crime is caused not by moral failings but by income inequality. At Occupy Wall Street we see the truth about crime.

Crime is driven by the criminals’ belief they can get away with it.

Next: Like lions targeting the weakest, sickest wildebeest in the pack…

Put yourself in the shoes of a criminal for a second. Fifty+ years of Marxism has produced frail, helpless adult children with drug habits and no ability or desire to ensure their own health and safety. Many are rich but take that wealth for granted. All have no sexual or moral boundaries they are willing to publicly share. And now they’re camping out in makeshift tent cities where they won’t allow police.
I read about one of the numerous rapes in a Joel Pollak piece at Big Government:

There are many incidents of sexual touching and groping that goes unreported to us, mainly because the alleged victim is either too stoned or high to properly ID them or they “dont want to get the guy in trouble.”  One girl, with hickeys all over her neck was brought to us and claimed she was raped….She said she had gotten high and had sex with one guy then sex with the other guy, but when guy #3 tried, she rebuffed him. She later got stoned somewhere else and returned to her place where guy #3 came back and had sex with her (she thinks) but she remembers blacking out and him leaving and her pants off.

Surprise! Predators prey on drug abusers. In the real world this is common knowledge, but among young leftists it’s some sort of shock to find that criminals prey on people who are vulnerable. The worst part of this story is the victim seemingly doesn’t even realize that guy #1 and #2 were probably in on the whole thing. The idea that men who want to get you high simply want to take advantage of you in some way is totally foreign to her, thus she ends up a victim. And she will continue to be victimized.

Read it all.

Dark Ages redux

As one commenter points out:

Of course, in addition to the profound corruption of mind, from these medieval sh*t-infested slums shall blossom a rebirth of diseases long considered out of circulation. Watch for a spike in cases of TB and other nastiness in all of the “occupy” cities…with each passing day the muddy road to a new dark ages full of ignorance and black death gets wider and wider. Who needs bio-warfare when you have “occupy” germ bombs across the entire country?

What’s going on here?

Why did the mayors allow these “Obamavilles” to be constructed in the first place? Sure, people have the right to protest…but if the Tea Party has to pay for parade permits, rental of porta-potties, and so forth, so should the #Occupy movement. I blame the mayors for letting the Occupiers bring camping equipment into the parks, when this is forbidden to everyone else. And since when is depositing urine and fecal matter everywhere considered protected speech under the First Amendment?

Problem is, the mayors all too often SYMPATHIZE with these wastrels. It’s time to vote them out.

Just as an aside, it IS possible to camp without living like a pig

It just takes a reasonable amount of effort and planning, as well as respect for other people and for the law. You can’t “squat” or trespass on somebody else’s property without their permission. We live in an RV and have done so for some years. But we PAY for a lot in an RV park, where the property is kept in good order with sewer and water connections, electricity, trash pickup, and so forth included in the rent. It’s too bad that #Occupy is giving responsible campers a bad name.

What YOU can do

Any mayor who refuses to use police power to clear out a hazardous public nuisance, deserves to be removed from office for dereliction of duty. The same is true of a mayor who refuses to use police power to quell rioting and mob violence.

If your mayor sympathizes with the #Occupy movement and has no problem with allowing Occupiers to deposit their, well, movements on public soil, it’s your job to get that mayor outta there. This is just crazy. Don’t tolerate it! Go to your town council and complain. If your jurisdiction has recall elections, then try that route too!

Fellow Tea Partiers: The time is NOW to recruit candidates to run against mayors and city or town council members who are failing to keep public order.

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