What Jesus Would Not Do

by 1389 on October 20, 2011

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VanGrungy sent me the following link to an article in the Toronto Sun by Warren Kinsella.

WWJD? Join hands with the Occupiers

I will not excerpt the article here because I consider it too blasphemous to repeat. But I have to rebut it somehow.

No way would Jesus ever have joined any kind of a mob.

Moreover, the Nazis, Communists, jihadis, and other anti-Christians who populate the “occupy” movement have made a career out of rejecting Jesus and everything that He stands for.

It is true that Jesus exhorted each of us, as individuals, to help the poor. But Jesus NEVER said that Caesar or Caesar’s officials should tax anybody to give that money to the poor. HUGE difference.

Kinsella’s assertion that “Jesus was no capitalist” is meaningless, in that the concept of capitalism did not exist in the ancient world. At present, the word “capitalist” has devolved into a slur that leftists hurl at their political enemies.

In the parable of the servants and the talents, Jesus made it clear that investing one’s assets (whatever those might be) in a prudent and productive manner is the right thing to do. Yes, I know, Rush Limbaugh used to joke about it, but all of our talents are on loan from God, and it behooves us to use them well, both out of respect for God, and so that we will have some surplus to use for helping others. There are good reasons why sloth is counted as one of the seven deadly sins.

It is always a bit dangerous to try to guess what Jesus would do, but I will give it a try; may He forgive me if I am wrong. I think that Jesus would have advised the “occupy” mobs to bathe, comb their hair, and put on clean clothes; to stop spewing hatred and envy; to serve others instead of demanding more for themselves; and to thank their Creator for the many advantages that they already have enjoyed.

– Blog admin 1389

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