TheBlaze: Report: ‘Arabic Words’ Appearing on the Bellies of Southwest Planes

KNX-RADIO in Los Angeles reports the markings “appeared to have been done with a chemical process that reveals the text once an auxiliary power unit is turned on and heats up the outside skin of the aircraft.”

ABC15 confirmed that federal investigators are now involved.

Now this is ominous. Is somebody doing a “dry run” for access to the aircraft?

Obviously, only somebody who knows Arabic would be writing Arabic words on planes. Let’s just say that I don’t think it’s Christian Arab employees (assuming Southwest Airlines has any) who have been vandalizing the aircraft.

Notably, the news coverage fails to tell us which Arabic-language words were written on the planes.

PJM: Driven Mad: Trucking Industry Collapsing Under Regulation

Foolish laws are hampering America’s lifeblood industry, and making drivers more tired to boot.

Ill-conceived trucking regulations are one more way that the Obama Administration is killing jobs, creating shortages, and causing prices to rise for everything delivered by truck.

Honest Reporting Canada needs your help.

They work hard to combat anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias in the media. You can donate here.

Cyprus and Turkey: erratic PM Erdogan threatens to bring in the navy again

The Greek Cypriot government is being put under enormous pressure by the leader of Turkey over oil and gas exploration. Therefore, it is abundantly clear that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey is turning into a regional bully who threatens to bring the navy into international waters when nations don’t placate him.

Not only this, Turkey is issuing threats and tantrums over the EU presidency in July 2012 when Cyprus (Greek controlled) will take over the presidency for six months in accordance with the rotation system. In the world of Erdogan he can’t grasp basic reality because Greek controlled Cyprus is internationally recognized and not one nation supports Turkey’s control over northern Cyprus.

More alarming, we have a political leader who bombs northern Iraq when he deems it to be in the interest of national security and then seeks to dictate over the illegal occupation of northern Cyprus and threatens Israel. NATO should be raising questions about the membership of Turkey because democratic nations are being warned about Turkey’s navy being on standby in order to implement Turkey’s policies of regional bullying.
The latest threat by Erdogan is over the Greek Cypriot government issuing the right to drill for oil and gas of the coast of Cyprus. Therefore, exploratory drilling led to a sharp rebuke by Turkey because Erdogan stated “frigates, gunboats and its air force will constantly monitor developments in the area.”

Erdogan also implied that Turkey would start exploration in an area which is claimed mainly by Israel. This will further lead to tensions with Greece, Cyprus (Greek controlled) and Israel. Also, the EU should rebuke Turkey over its stance over the presidency next year when Cyprus will hold this position.

Blazing Cat Fur: Academia Today: University of Lethbridge Congratulates 911 Troofer Student On Staff Appointment At Holocaust Denial Rag

The University of Lethbridge has deemed fit to congratulate well known 911 Troofer Josh Blakeney on his appointment as a staff writer for a rabid little holocaust denial and all purpose conspiracy rag called Veterans Today. VT purports to be a “Military & Foreign Affairs” journal. I had no idea the SS remained a viable magazine demographic.

GoV: How Does a Totalitarian Democracy Avoid Responsibility?

They scapegoat.

In a totalitarian democracy, this is how you set someone up so you can take him down. It is sick and disturbing on its own, but the implications are terrifying for the victim of their demonization.

The image above is supposed to be a “satire” on Fjordman, but it’s far more than that. It’s the planned takedown of an innocent man.

What you’re seeing [click to see image at Gates of Vienna] is a still image from a ‘comedy’ that will air on Norwegian TV. Fjordman, called here “Fjordland”, is a paraplegic who can’t speak. Somehow this character is supposed to be a figure of fun. This is especially funny you see, because Fjordman is famous for his words. Thus having a “dumb” ‘Fjordland’ character is a scream.

This is not only sick, it’s a set-up. I have no proof of my theory, but from all appearances it would seem they plan to have Fjordman take the fall for Breivik’s behavior. Here are the steps by which I believe Fjordman will be criminalized and imprisoned…

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