Obama Stuck His Hand in the Face of Mongolian President Tsakhia Elbegdorj

by 1389 on September 21, 2011

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Zombie has the story at PJM:

Obama waving-hand gaffe picture NOT a hoax or a Photoshop after all!

Over the last few hours a photo has begun to circulate on the blogs showing Obama supposedly at the “Open Government Partnership” conference today committing an egregious gaffe by raising his hand to block the face of another world leader.
So, following the lead in the image’s credit line — “Allan Tannenbaum-Pool / Getty Images” — I went straight to the supposed source…and to my utter astonishment, I discovered that the image is indeed from Getty Images and can be found on their site:

Getty Images — Title: Obama Meets With World Leaders At The United Nations

Here’s how it appears on the Getty Images page, with their watermark over the picture:

Thumbnail of photo of Obama's hand in Pres. Elbegdorj's face

And here’s the official Getty caption:

Caption: NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 20: U.S. President Barack Obama waves while standing with aother leaders during the Open Government Partnership event at the United Nations September 20, 2011 in New York City.

It still looks fake to me, but that would mean that Getty itself is now putting out faked photos — which is extremely unlikely, especially after the number of times other news wire services were burned by untrustworthy stringers.

The image’s authenticity is further confirmed by the existence on the Getty site — which serves as sort of a “raw feed” of news photos which subscribing editors can browse through — of an “alternate take” photo showing a slight close-up of Obama in the group shot, this time with his hand not blocking his neighbor’s face.
Read it all.

Now this is embarrassing.

Not only for President Elbegdorj, but for the citizenry of the US.

If you are as dumbfounded and ashamed by the behavior of Barack Hussein Obama as I am, there is something that you can do.

PJM: New “Sorry Everybody” campaign: Apologize on Obama’s behalf to the President of Mongolia

Remember the “Sorry Everybody” campaign during the Bush era in which Americans were encouraged to apologize to the world for having such an idiot president?

Well, time for an update. As we noted yesterday, Obama embarrassed himself — and, by extension, the rest of the nation — by holding up his hand and blocking the face of Mongolian president Tsakhia Elbegdorj during a photo shoot at the UN:

So far, the White House has not yet issued a formal apology to Mr. Elbegdorj. So let’s take the matter into our own hands and apologize ourselves!

This page allows you to send emails directly to the Mongolian President:
Since Obama won’t apologize for his gaffe, we must apologize for him.

Please use the form to write a respectful letter of apology to President Elbegdorj, explaining why you think Obama felt it necessary to insult the leader of a sovereign nation.

…And of course, feel free to re-post your apology letter here (just like in the original “Sorry Everybody” campaign)!

Click here to read the rest, and write your own letter!

Here’s what I wrote:

Dear President Elbegdorj:

I apologize for President Barack Hussein Obama’s rude behavior in putting his hand in front of your face in a recent group photograph.

President Obama is a rude, ignorant, selfish, and thoughtless person. So were we, as a people, for allowing him to serve in public office in any capacity. Even though I did not vote for him, I take responsibility as an American citizen, and I apologize.

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