Senator Marco Rubio: Apologize to the Serbs!

by Sparta on September 19, 2011

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Sen. Rubio, pay attention here!

Florida has a large, growing, and politically aware Serbian-American community. You cannot afford to alienate us by thoughtlessly repeating vicious slander against the Serbian people.

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A message to my Serbian friends.

It has come to my attention from a Serbian friend regarding a speech on foreign policy made by Marco Rubio. At approximately 2016 into his tape, Senator Rubio says (to paraphrase): “The American forces have been the greatest force of good in the world during the past century. It stopped Nazism AND ETHNIC CLEANSING BY SERBS!!!!” In other words, condemning an entire race of people, comparing them to Hitler’s Nazism and the character assassination of the Serbian people.

You can read Rubio’s speech HERE.

Furthermore, it appears the Senator has been getting advice from Senator McCain. (Go to approximately 2015 on the above video.)

You can also reach Senator Rubio at:
317 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington DC, 20510
Phone: 1-202-224-3041
Fax: 1-202-228-0285
@marcorubio on Twitter
Click HERE for Sen. Rubio’s email contact form.

I strongly urge Serbian organizations and Serbian churches to challenge or protest the inflammatory and damning words of the Serbian people by Senator Marco Rubio.

Zivela Srbija, Zivela Kosovo!



Everyone, please pass this along!


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