Rebuild St. Nicholas Orthodox Church destroyed on 9/11/01

by 1389 on September 11, 2011

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And ten years on, it has not been rebuilt!

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Quite extraordinary how hardly anyone knows about this! This is the only religious building taken down. In NY, the twin towers were taken down, same with Building 7.

Please (obviously) let Orthodox Christians (and other denominations) know about this and also people like Jeff Rense or Texe Marrs, etc.

Note: If he is ecumenical (in the sense he wants a world wide religion of many faiths), I don’t believe in it. I hope Orthodox Christians can just remain Orthodox!

But thanks to the Port Authority this church has not been rebuilt!

If I understand correctly, the new church building will continue to be an Orthodox church. The building will be open to all, as is customary for Orthodox churches, and the parish will engage in outreach to the community.

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