Six More Arrested in Oslo Attacks – and Released (Updated)

by 1389 on July 25, 2011

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Last night I posted this comment:

The media had it wrong on the “lone perpetrator”…

Apparently I wasn’t the only person who had trouble believing that both attacks could be the work of a single person. Et Norsk Troll comments on Blogmocracy:

6 people have been arrested in Oslo in connection with the bombing (Just like Rodan said: there will be more people who think this way). They are of Eastern European backgrounds. They were taken away in their underwear.

The police have coordened off quite a distance from the place of the arrest. The Oslo Bomb Squad is at the scene…


According to the UPDATED version of the following article, chemical containers were found at the address that was raided, but no explosives. Those arrested were released.

Ingen eksplosiver funnet (Norwegian language)

Convicted anti-Israel terrorist Lars Gule says he debated with Breivik online

Breivik’s ideas ‘shared by many’

Anders Breivik’s extreme ideology is shared by many people in Europe, according to a philosopher who took part in online discussions with someone he believes was the Norwegian mass-murderer.

Speaking to John Humphrys, Dr Lars Gule said Breivik’s views “did not stand out with a particularly aggressive or violent rhetoric… he was quite mainstream”.

Lars Gule himself is quite a piece of work:

Religious Freedom Watch: Terrorist Lars Gule

In 1977 Lars Gule embarked on a mission to bomb a hotel where certain Israeli citizens were scheduled to meet. His mission was foiled by Lebanese Customs officials who caught Gule attempting to board a flight with 800 grams of explosives in his possession. Gule was convicted, sentenced to prison, and labeled “Norway’s first international terrorist. ”

When caught by Customs officials in Lebanon, Gule at first lied and claimed that he was not aware that he was carrying the explosives found hidden inside some books in his luggage. He claimed that he was given the books by some people he had met in Beirut. Only after his arrest did Gule confess to the truth.

Gule admitted to having spent 15 to 20 hours being trained by a terrorist organization on weaponry and sabotage tactics in preparation for this mission. The organization purportedly asked Gule to carry out the task as a “propaganda-action” to mark the 10-year anniversary of the 1967 war. They informed him that the target of the action was a hotel used as a conference center and meeting place by certain Israelis…

Also see: Wikipedia: Lars Gule.

The media had it wrong on who the victims were!

The media have been referring to Utøya as a “youth camp” island – and sometimes as a “children’s camp.” (Note: It was the English-language media, NOT ME, who called it a “children’s camp.) Perhaps programs and events for children have taken place there at various times. But the camp program in progress at the time of the attack seems to have been a program for young adults, not for children at all.

The Utøya victims are being presented as “children” when this was evidently not the case. Why? Perhaps the motive is to cast the attack on Utøya as an episode of mindless cruelty rather than the carefully-targeted act of political violence that it was, or perhaps it is to sell more newspapers and garner a larger audience by tugging at our heartstrings. Either way, the media are never to be taken at face value.

I should not have to make any disclaimers here, but making the statement that the victims were young adults, not children, does NOT constitute excusing or condoning the attack upon them.

Commenter Ingenjören says that the term “youth camp” refers to a camp for persons age 15 and up. The English-language media, nonetheless, refers to the victims as “children” but has not reported any breakdown on the number of victims by age.

Sheik asks some uncomfortable questions about the Norway attacks, and especially about the media spin being placed on them:

Winds Of Jihad: Norway updates

The enemedia keeps repeating that “Anders Behring Breivik, targeted children”- but nobody has actually seen these ‘children’.

Whereas the MSM had no compunction to display the blood-splattered bodies of white Norwegians from the Oslo bomb attacks, there appears to be a strange timidity to display close-ups of the socialist indoctrination camp, where ‘children’ are taught to boycott Israel and other important multicultural stuff.

Al Jizz had quite a few video’s up, and they showed surviving witnesses. There was an Arab and 2 colored girls, one speaking with an American accent, all in their mid-twenties. Does that make them ‘children?’

Here’s another one, but he doesn’t look Norwegian either: Alhamdullillah! At Long Last the Enemedia ‘s Got Their “Right Wing Christian” Terrorist!

It would be interesting to know why we are told that the victims are ‘children’ when they’re obviously not.

Samuel Muyizzi (30) is one of the surviving ‘children’ from the Marxist paradise island…

Much more here.

Is speed-dating a typical childhood or adolescent activity?

Regarding children, mind you, that speed dating was on the Utøya agenda for Wednesday night.
(h/t: Coffee)

Also see:

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