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by Hesperado on July 10, 2011

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by Hesperado

Did you know that there exists a chat room website containing, on any given day, several chat rooms dedicated to the topic of the Counter-Jihad?

The website is called Paltalk.

This came as a surprise to me when I first discovered it, because, as a person who has visited and at various times haunted chat rooms in my time (MSN chat, Yahoo chat, Efnet IRC chat, Buzzen chat, AOL chat, etc.), I have never seen even one room dedicated to the topic of the problem of Islam — let alone several rooms, as Paltalk has.

As I wrote on my blog back in 2006:

…the Paltalk chat site is the only place, not only on the Internet, but on planet Earth itself where people from various countries all over the world can and do get together to engage in heated debates about the Problem of Islam — debates that have the added advantage of being vocalized via microphones in real time, with all the emotional nuance and inflections of actual voices, and not merely typed in text on the screen, as is typical of most chat rooms on the Internet. No other chat rooms on the Internet, to my knowledge, have as vibrant a community of people engaged in the issue of the Problem of Islam; none even come close.

Not only that, but many of these people are people from the Middle East—Muslims and ex-Muslims, as well as Middle Eastern Christians or atheists. These rub virtual shoulders with their anti-Islamic fellows from all over the world — from Canada to the U.S.A. to South America to Europe to Australia to Africa — most of whom, apparently are just ordinary, concerned people.

I first checked out Paltalk back in 2005, after I had read on Jihad Watch about the story of the Egyptian Coptic family in New Jersey who had been slaughtered in their apartment — slaughtered, some alleged, because they had the uppity temerity to engage in aggressive debates against Muslims… on Paltalk.

What are the advantages of Paltalk to the Counter-Jihad?

I notice here on the 1389 home page that 1389 is also available on Twitter, the 910 group has a YouTube page, another has a Flickr page, there are various options for “mobile web”, including RSS feed; etc. These are all various media by which to spread the message of the Counter-Jihad.

Chat is just another medium we should take advantage of.

In addition, Paltalk has the distinction of offering vocal chat, where chatters can speak in the room with a microphone headset, while the rest of the room listens, and types comments and criticisms (and worse).

Paltalk is a website of a multitude of chat rooms, organized into a multitude of categories — including Music, Religion, Theology, Philosophy, Support Groups, Friends, Computers & Technology (and, of course, the requisite number of “romance” rooms and conspiracy theory rooms about UFO abductions, etc.).

As I mentioned above, Paltalk distinguishes itself by being foremost a vocal chat room, with participants lining up to get on “the mic” in order to speak and be heard by the others in the room. But this doesn’t stop most of the chatters from typing a steady stream of commentary (ranging from the intelligent to the stupid) while individuals are speaking on mic.

(While Yahoo chat also provides the opportunity to speak and be heard on mic, it is not quite the vocal culture that Paltalk is — and more importantly, Yahoo has no anti-Islam rooms.)

One room I recall many years ago was called “Mohammedans Your Jihad Stops Now”. Another was called “The Two Faces of Islam”.

Since that time, many different anti-Islam rooms have sprouted up, lasted a while, disappeared, then replaced by new ones — and it’s still going strong. There seems to be a community of at least 50 to 100 regular chatters who have lasted over the years (and who knows how many curious newcomers pop in every day) who are quite passionate about the anti-Islam issue. Paltalk has great potential to become one major location for networking among the Counter-Jihad community spread out throughout the Blogosphere.

A small handful of the regular participants (and sometimes functioning as hosts of rooms) seem to be authentic Middle Easterners of various flavors who are highly critical of Islam, mostly Arab Christians from what I can tell. Other regular participants include a Pakistani ex-Muslim living in London, an Indonesian ex-Muslim atheist, Australians, French, Canadians, Americans — quite the international community.

Then, of course, any given anti-Islam room is also populated by Muslim visitors who try to push their Islam Apologism, as well as PC MC Westerners who decry the rooms and its members as “bigots”. The sparks fly, debates and arguments ensue, and often it can get ugly — but sometimes it can be quite interesting and productive.

These rooms thus offer a vibrant arena for relatively uncensored (other than some rooms that impose a ‘G’ rating that forbids the usual cuss words) and heated discussions, which have their advantages in allowing the venting of emotions and a free flow of thoughts about the general Problem of Islam.

A closely related advantage here is the sense of mutual encouragement and comraderie that seems to develop — particularly for the regulars, but also infectious for newcomers.

Another advantage to these rooms is that visitors who might be on the fence about the issue will be treated to the spectacle of the room in general (or certain key participants) challenging a particular Muslim to answer some pertinent question about Islam: the results are often both fun and instructive, as the Muslim on the spot tries to tap-dance around the questions as they become cornered by the indefensible facts of their own Islam.


In sum, Paltalk can be a venue for members of the Counter-Jihad to share valuable information on the general Problem of Islam, to network, to spread the word, and to find some sense of community about an issue that too often makes us feel alienated from our fellow citizenry in the West who either change the subject in an almost embarrassed way whenever we might raise the problem of Islam, or worse yet, manifest that reflex spasm of parroting one of the many PC MC defenses of Islam.

Indeed, Paltalk even has the potential to become the very nerve center of the global Anti-Islam Movement, if the right people get involved, and if enough people hear about it and check it out for themselves and give it a chance.

Note: Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not trying to say that Paltalk is perfect. It has many flaws, which I go into in an old essay on the subject (scroll down to “Cons” to see my articulation of the flaws). However, as I said above, I think it has great potential to be a major networking site for all the far-flung Blogospheric diaspora of people concerned about the problem of Islam.

In order to access Paltalk and participate, you have to download it as an additional entity on your computer — you cannot merely go to it via a URL (as you can most other chat room sites).

Most of the anti-Islam rooms are located in the section titled “Human Rights” itself a subcategory under the category of “Social Issues and Politics”.

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