Bruce Bawer & Hege Storhaug 7PM June 8, 2011 Ottawa

by Gramfan on May 31, 2011

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Bruce Bawer & Hege Storhaug:
The Problems of Immigration in Europe

Wed. June 8, 2011, 7 PM
Library and Archives Canada
395 Wellington

Admission: $20 (includes HST), $10 for students/ seniors

Tickets available at:
Compact Music, 785 1/2 Bank Street, 190 Bank Street
Ottawa Festivals, 47 William Street
Collected Works, 1242 Wellington
Tickets will also be available at the door.

Tickets are also available on line (click here)

Please join us for an amazing evening when Bruce Bawer returns to Ottawa with his colleague Hege Storhaug to speak on the problems of immigration in Europe.

Bruce Bawer: Surrender: Appeasing Islam, Sacrificing Freedom

Bruce Bawer

Bruce Bawer is an internationally-acclaimed author, whose recent book is “Surrender: Appeasing Islam, Sacrificing Freedom“, and here are some short reviews:

“Bruce Bawer has yet again written an excellent book….I truly hope that it will serve as an eye-opener for everyone.” – Geert Wilders

“Written with an urgency and clarity that makes it hard to stop reading and re-reading it. It should be studied by all who wish to understand the forces at work in the West that make an Islamic ‘House of Peace’ a brewing nightmare.” – Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Hege Storhaug: But the Greatest of These Is Freedom

Hege Storhaug

Hege Storhaug is the information director of Human Rights Service in Norway and the author of several books on immigration and integration, forced marriage, women in Pakistan, and related subjects.

Bruce has translated Hege’s new book, “But the Greatest of These Is Freedom: The Consequences of Immigration in Europe.” — the authorized English translation of the explosive Norwegian bestseller about the consequences of immigration in Europe.

From Norwegian and Danish reviews:

“A necessary and brave book.”
Henrik Gade Jensen, JYLLANDS-POSTEN

“A sharp and necessary book, one of the most important of the season.”
Lars Saabye Christensen

“A painful but necessary book to read. It is the most important contribution ever to the Norwegian immigration and integration debate….It should be obligatory reading for everyone who works with foreigners in Norway.”
Tore Andreas Larsen, FREMSKRITT

“If Hege Storhaug’s revelations about how our country and other Western societies are being attacked by Islamic fundamentalists…are not taken seriously by the powerful politicians, we will, within a few years, see a different, illiberal European in which a mentality out of the Middle Ages will wield absolute power…..One of the most important opinion books that have come along in recent years.”
Oddbjørn Solstad, DRAMMENS TIDENDE

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1 Bahr July 26, 2011 at 8:37 am

Peace all

As you may know Norway was hit by terror this weekend and nearly 100 people are dead. This man “Breivik” claims to be a Christian Crusader and hates Musclims, Sosialists and Communists.

He has written a 1500 pages Manifest – behring-breivik-manifest/

Press on this for download:

2083 – A European Declaration of Independence

Or go to:

and download : Breivik manifest

Both are the same.

The reason Muslims and others should read it is to familiarize ourself with his ideas, and also understand that it is not all madness and lies, it is most of all a listing of what “Muslims” has done throughout the history and we as Muslims today should know our history and refute what is wrong representation and acknowledge what has been don in an un-Islamic

And I am sorry to say that the foundation to do all un-Islamic things comes from the Hadith sources.
So you as an outspoken activist against Islam should read the book “Mental Bondage”
free to download here:

As you will see Islam in this context is nothing like the madness most “believers” suscribe to. So many do not know about this alternative, so I do hope you read the book MB.

So sane Islam can be had if “Muslims” follow only the Quran and not the Hadith that is mostly legends and invented stories much is taken from the Old Testament of the Bible.

Have a Blessed and Peaceful week.

Free English book refuting Hadith for download in PDF format:

Four good links:

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