Geert Wilders Trial Postponed

by 1389 on October 4, 2010

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First of all…

If you haven’t seen Fitna, The Movie, watch it HERE:

Fitna is Geert Wilders’ movie, exposing the true face of Islam.

It is a disgrace that the Dutch government ever put Geert Wilders on trial, simply for telling the truth about the dangers of Islam. Whatever the ultimate outcome, the mere fact that he was put on trial makes the Netherlands look like a left-wing totalitarian oligarchy, not the modern free country that it purports to be.

Geert Wilders trial put on hold

By Speranza

Geert Wilders was to go on trial today in the Netherlands. His crime – giving his opinion about the dangers of Islam. throughout Europe radical Islamofascist preachers (Anjam Choudray of Britain) can spout all sorts of vile hatred against the West, America, Christianity and Judaism but the “liberal” Dutch feel the need to produce their own version of Alfred Dreyfus. However his trial has been postponed based on his claim of the judge being biased. Note how Wilders (a very philo-Semitic fellow) is referred to as a “far-right politician”. Is Charles Johnson doing the editing over there?

[SkyNews: Judge 'Bias' Stalls anti-Islam Trial]
by Katie Cassidy

The trial of controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders has been adjourned after he accused the judges of impartiality [sic!].

Wilders was charged with inciting hatred against Muslims after he compared the Islamic faith to Nazism and claimed the Koran is fascist.

The far-right politician is widely known for his anti-Muslim message and has been put under police protection after a number of death threats.

He is outspoken in his belief that immigration of people from Islamic nations must be stopped.

Before proceedings got under way, Wilders gave a short statement: “I have said what I have said and I will not take one word back.”… [Read the rest.]

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