Don’t Try to Tell Me Obama Is Not A Muslim!

by CzechRebel on September 4, 2010

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By CzechRebel

I have had more than enough of the speculation about whether Obama is a Muslim or not. The only way that you could argue that he is not a Muslim would be to make up your own definition of “Muslim” that is meant to exclude him.

Muslims consider the child of a Muslim father to be a Muslim. I am not aware of any exceptions. Many Muslims who are true to the tenets of their faith believe that a Muslim who truly adopts another faith is guilty of a capital offense and should be killed. There has never been any question that Barack Hussein Obama’s father was a Muslim. In addition, Barry’s Muslim stepfather raised him as a Muslim. Given those facts, we can conclude that Muslims believe that Obama is a Muslim. Were that not so, those Muslims who believe in the stated tenets of their faith would be calling for Obama’s execution as an apostate from Islam.

American Muslims support Obama

Do Muslims find Obama offensive? Apparently, not in America! A recent Gallup poll showed that a whopping 78% of the American Muslim population approve of the Obama Administration. All other religious groups showed a lesser level of approval. If Obama were a man who had left the Islamic faith, American Muslims would certainly not approve of him, and some would risk imprisonment to call for his death.

Obama in Muslim garb with Somali religious leader

Saudi Muslims certainly accept Obama

…Many thanks to Russkiy for translating this article. The translator has highlighted those portions of the text that he considers notable:

The image which appeared recently of Barack Hussein Obama wearing traditional Islamic clothing, accompanied by a Somali religious leader, has steered emotions and caused a wave of severe disapproval amongst American voters. A similar wave of anger and discontent came from Obama supporters, who accused his opponent Hillary Clinton of trying to tarnish his reputation by means of leaking this image to the public. Obama, in response to the rumour of his being a closet Muslim, has made an official statement, denying the rumours suggesting he a Muslim and stated that he has in fact been a devout Christian for more than twenty years, and that he regularly attends church services.

The sad part in all this is the fact that if he is indeed a Muslim, he has to resort to taqiyya and concealment in order to keep his chances of becoming president alive. In the light of September 11 events, and following the barrage of images, in which firebrand Islamic clerics incite terrorism, while at the same time no religious authority to this day has come out to condemn any of the major terrorist attacks and refute religious justifications terrorists rely upon in order to recruit followers, Islam has become associated with terrorism. The followers of Islam are now seen as crazy lunatics full of hate, intent on fighting the entire world, while at the same time being unable to manage their own affairs and reconcile themselves with the modernity. All this has blackened the face of Islam to such an extent that it became a liability and a sure thing to destroy campaign chances of the hopeful presidential nominee.

These stupid terrorist fools do not realise and are incapable of appreciating such a rare and precious opportunity for a Muslim to occupy the Oval Office. By their actions they probably have ruined chances of this Muslim immigrant from becoming president of the United States.

Read the rest.

Obviously, Obama did make it into the White House, depite the misgivings expressed in the above article, which came out before the 2008 US elections. I present it here as evidence that the Muslims in Saudi Arabia take it for granted that Obama is one of them.

Could Obama be a secret apostate from Islam?

So, there is no question that Obama is considered a Muslim in the Muslim community. But could he be a secret apostate, a man who has left the Islamic faith, though able to fool nearly all Muslims on this planet that he had not? Well, if that were so, he would be the opposite of Ronald Reagan in one more way. (Obama has already made a recession into a depression by increasing taxes and spending, in contrast to Reagan, who brought the country out of a recession by cutting taxes and spending.) If Obama is not a Muslim, then he is a great actor and will have a career waiting for him as a thespian when he leaves office. In fact, he would be such a good actor that all the films featuring actor Ronald Reagan would pale by comparison.

Look at the evidence

Obama’s behavior has been such that implies he is a Muslim, for example: his refusal to speak in the presence of a cross; his amusement at the ridicule of Jews’ and Christians’ holy book; his refusal to bring his wife to Islamic-dominated countries; his word choices such as “Islamic Republic of Iran” rather than “Iran” and “holy Koran” rather than “Koran”; he includes himself when speaking of the Muslim community; along with other little reminders that he wholeheartedly supports Islam. There were no Christmas presents for Malia and Sasha Obama, and the White House nativity scene almost got the boot. (See More Evidence that Obama is a Muslim and Even More Evidence that Obama is a Muslim.)

Other than having attended Jeremiah Wright’s Caucasian-hating ‘church,’ Obama has shown no signs of being anything other than a Muslim.

Obama is first in line to support the Ground Zero Mega Mosque, situated in a location to remind us of the Islamic 9-11 victory. Yet, I have not heard a word out of Obama in support of rebuilding St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, which was destroyed during the 9-11 attack.

Some have said that Obama’s words and actions simply show that he is a socialist, a “progressive,” rather than a Muslim. The answer to that is simple: being a socialist, or even accepting support from outright communists, is not inconsistent with being a Muslim. (See The Communist Roots of Palestinian Terror.)

The left-wing, pro-Muslim, media (Fox included) are asking, “How is it possible that one in five Americans believe Obama is a Muslim?”

My question is: Can four out of five Americans actually doubt that Barack Hussein Obama, f/k/a Barry Soetero, is a Muslim?

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