Why Amnesty International is a fraud and deserves NO support

by 1389 on February 6, 2010

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Read this article on JihadWatch, and ESPECIALLY be sure to read the comments:

Senior Amnesty International official accuses it of putting rights of jihadis before those of their victims.

All NGOs are prone to corruption

The longer NGOs stay in business, the more corrupt they seem to become. The main problem is that NGOs shield themselves from accountability; they provide ways for unqualified and self-serving people to acquire money, influence, and power; and their income depends upon manipulating public opinion, which means garnering support from politicians, other bureaucracies, and the elite.

The Ground Reality blog suggests, “If you are an NGO, it’s time to laugh at yourself.” (Translation appears below the cartoon.) Perhaps it’d be funnier if it weren’t so tragic.

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