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by CzechRebel on March 30, 2008

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By Czech Rebel

Geert Wilders

So far, March 28, 2008 has been our best day ever for traffic on 1389 Blog. Is one of our stories “cutting-edge”? Heck no! Do we have some great piece of analytical work that our readers have been waiting for? Sorry, not that either. In fact, we must apologize about having been so slow at getting out some articles that our readership has been expecting.

No, people have been flocking to 1389 Blog to read two articles that are both over a month old. In fact, one of them is over two months old. But these old articles have suddenly become timely. How could that be?

Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Set You Free

1389 Blog exists for two purposes, to provide information to combat the current Islamic jihad against not only the US, but of all respectable civilization; and to provide technical help, tips, and assistance to the online counterjihad community. This does make us a bit unpopular in some circles.

We Are Not Politically Correct

There is a current fad of relativism and egalitarianism. Men and women must be equal, to the extent of being the same except for outward appearance. (But, for some strange reason, we are still using separate public restrooms!) All cultures are of equal value. (Of course, some cultures, like Southerners, Slavs and “Rednecks” of any kind, just are not quite as equal as the rest!) And all religions are more or less the same.

That last claim is the most puzzling. Contrary to what you might hear on the History Channel, the Mayan culture of Central America is still alive and well. True, they may no longer be in the pyramid building business, but take a trip to Guatemala and you should have little trouble finding someone who knows a priest in the Mayan religion. Now, it is a lucky thing for us that the Mayans are not demanding their religious rights to conduct human sacrifices. But that was once part of their religion.

I wonder what those who preach the modern gospel of political correctness would say if the Mayans were to return to their practices of human sacrifice. Would they scream that such a practice was “murder” and condemn the Mayan religious leaders for wanting to revert to it? Would they say that they personally opposed to human sacrifice, but consider human sacrifice to be a private matter within the Mayan community and oppose any government interference? Or would they finally realize that their own philosophy of political correctness is both illogical and morally bankrupt?

(Disclaimer! Present-day Mayan Indians do NOT want to return to this practice! This is merely a hypothetical example.)

We at 1389 Blog have consistently opposed the equally disgusting practices of jihadism to which many modern Muslims adhere. Yes, we get a lot of flack. However, these practices of jihad are every bit as disgusting as a rebirth of Mayan human sacrifice would be.

Geert Wilders Has the Platform

1389 Blog is just a small blog with about ten authors. Several of us have other works published. Most of those works are under names other than those used here. At present, we have no substantial platform that we can use to drive our point home.

The Price Paid by Theo Van Gogh

But then, having such a platform can be deadly proposition. Consider the fate of Theo Van Gogh. This is the movie, Submission, for which he gave his life:

YouTube Preview Image

Submission by Theo Van Gogh (right-click to download in .avi format)

Uploaded by LibertyOfSpeech on Mar 29, 2008

Short film (2004) on the mistreatment of women in the Islam. The director, Theo van Gogh, was murdered in Novermber 2004 by Mohammed Bouyeri.

Geert Wilders Refuses to be Silenced

The anti-jihad community has a new hero in the intrepid Dutch MP Geert Wilders. He has made a film, Fitna, that exposes modern-day Islam for the savage, cruel and barbaric death cult that it really is.

For obvious reasons, the crme against Theo Van Gogh figures prominently in Fitna.

Geert Wilders is so prominent that old articles bearing his name are drawing new readers out of the woodwork. We must selfishly thank Geert Wilders for the collateral benefit he has brought to 1389 Blog. However, we must wholeheartedly give him an altruistic thank you for helping to do more to spread the truth about radical Islam to the world than, in my opinion, 1389 Blog will ever be capable of doing.

The Jihadists’ Allies

Speaking hypothetically once again, if the Mayan Indians ever wanted to return to human sacrifice, or even to demand their right to do so, the would get little traction. I have been to Central America several times and have met a number of Mayan Indians. Yet, I know few people from the US, Canada, Europe, or even Israel who can say the same. Most of the people whom I encounter in the US do not even know that Mayan Indians still exist and still have solid communities.

So, the Mayan Indians would have few allies in their “struggles” to return to human sacrifice. Very few people would know of some wonderful Mayan Indians who they felt the need to stick up for in that regard.

(Disclaimer! The Mayan Indians in real life do NOT want to return to this practice! This is merely a hypothetical example.)

However, it is different with Muslims. Everyone knows and likes some Muslims. We all seemed to learn in school that Islam was one of those acceptable “Western” or “Abrahamic” religions, almost like Christianity and Judaism. We have all heard someone tell us that Allah must be the same God whom the Jews worship, or that Allah is equivalent to God the Father of the Christian Trinity.

What is at the root of this? We all want cheaper oil, and it seems logical to many that appeasing Muslims worldwide, and especially in the Middle East, would be a good way of guaranteeing our supply. We all have heard misguided people tell us that if Israel were not our “ally,” that the Muslims would all love us.

But the truth is far different. Islamic doctrine requires never-ending expansion so as to put the entire world under Sharia law. There is no room in Islam for anything other than itself. That’s what mainstream Islam is all about.

Thank You and Thank You

First of all, I would like to thank the Mayan Indians for helping me to make my point. I will be buying some of your shirts (a/k/a camisas tipicas) as soon as I see them for sale. Those shirts are a pleasant reminder of how the people of your culture do so well co-existing with the peoples of other cultures around you. True, there have been some failures in that regard, as we are all only human. However, I fully respect your culture, as I know you respect mine.

And thanks again to Geert Wilders for taking such a bold stand.

“So where can I see this Fitna movie?”

Note: Fitna has been pulled from the main site, It has also been pulled from LiveLeak on account of threats against the staff. This is frustrating, big time.

For this reason, we are hosting the video ourselves at 1389 Blog:

We will be tracking issues related to the video’s availability in this article: Fitna, The Movie Is Here – Where to See It?


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