Fitna, The Movie Is Here – Where to See It?

by 1389 on March 30, 2008

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Dutch PM Geert Wilders’ movie, Fitna, is finally out!

However, actually being able to see the video is another matter. We will be tracking availability of the video, and censorship issues regarding the video, in this article.

Pulled from main and backup hosting sites…

Fitna has been pulled from the main site,, on account of complaints. It has also been pulled from LiveLeak on account of threats against the staff.

We are hosting it at 1389 Blog

You’ll find it here: Geert Wilders Floods 1389 Blog – Fitna Movie HERE. Download the file, make copies, and send it around. But please be patient – 1389 Blog is NOT a high-bandwidth site!

The video is also currently available at:

An anonymous commenter says:

fitna is available as bittorrent quite easily from various providers. I downloaded it in about 10 minutes. Try searching on “fitna bittorrent”

From EuropeNews:

Gates of Vienna keeps a list of alternative sites, torrent sites and translations. It is available at Google Video and many other places. The LiveLeak link will remain here, as the takedown message is instructive. This is what happens if our politicians do not stand up against intimidation. They’ve been rather frail this time, not least at the EU level.

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