The Official Handbook of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy – Updated for the 2008 Presidential Election

by JennSierra on January 13, 2008

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vrwc.jpgMark W. Smith, author of The Official Handbook of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, has updated the handbook for the 2008 Presidential elections: The Arguments You Need to Defeat the Loony Left This Election Year

My favorite part of the book is a tongue-in-cheek flowchart in the preface, called “The Smoking Gun,” detailing the “conspiracy.”

The rest of the book, however, is an excellent compilation of this election year’s talking points. It’s a great quick-reference for bloggers and social networkers who find themselves in combat with leftist rhetoric on a daily basis. It covers all of the hot topics in the debates and news soundbytes, like immigration, the war, governmental power, socialism, abortion, and media bias. It also has a toolkit at the end for conservative voters, which gives a who’s who of the current giants in the conservative movement, and lists resources such as think-tanks print media, blogs, and right-leaning news teams, a 2008 voting guide, and an election-night scorecard.

The book is written from the viewpoint of a main-stream conservative (sometimes called “neocon”) viewpoint, so all political conservatives everywhere may not necessarily agree with absolutely every point Mark W. Smith makes; however as a resource, the information is invaluable. Smith’s straight-talk, to-the-point style, and dry humor make the manual easy to reference and fun to read.

Since the book is geared toward the 2008 elections, Smith has done an excellent job of covering the most relevant issues, but I would very much like to read more from this author in an off-election year on some other issues that are vitally important to the conservative movement, such as our educational system, the re-writing of our United States history, and the role of religion in government. Mark has done an excellent job of periodically updating this manual as needed; let’s hope he keeps ‘em coming!

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