Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day, Nor Was Modern Anti-Serbian Racism

by William Dorich on December 1, 2007

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Serbs: A Politically-Correct Outlet for Pent-Up Racism

Never go to war with a country whose national holiday celebrates a defeat in 1389.

By CzechRebel

For the past decade and a half, or so, we have been witnessing one of the most flagrant examples of a racially-charged atmosphere against any ethnic people. Prior to the break up of Yugoslavia, hardly a soul seemed to know where Serbia was. We all knew that Serbia had something do to with the start of World War I, but the actual location of Serbia seemed to escape most people. Back in the early 1970s, I remember someone mistakenly saying that the Archduke was assassinated in Siberia. Although I knew the statement was wrong, I almost felt relieved. Finding Siberia within the USSR certainly would have been easier than finding Serbia within the Balkans.

Blog Comment Serves as a Catalyst

Since the early 1990s, Serbia has become much easier for many of us to find. Yugoslavia and its breakup have been in the news ever since. Commenting on a previous article, 1389 Blog reader Ed Mahmoud wrote us:

1389- OK, my understanding of the Yugoslavian civil war is mainly from MSM sources. And I know the fundamental, root cause, was the Ottoman invasion of the Balkans, and I am fully aware the Serbs resisted the Nazis more forcefully than any other Southern Slav group (that many Croats and Muslims collaborated with the Germans).

Ed Mahmoud asks some worthwhile questions. We are answering them here, because the matter is important enough, and complex enough, to deserve its own blog post, rather than be submerged within the comment thread of another article.

The Media

Rope, tree, jouranlist: Some assembly required!

Few people in the mainstream media have a clue concerning the Balkans. Few of them have ever been there. Those who have, generally show up for the filming of an event, and then take their helicopter out to spend the night in some nation further west where they feel more comfortable. Or they hole up in some hotel and rely on hearsay. But I have interviewed enough reporters and witnesses who are less in the mainstream, who have actually been there and spent several nights there. So, you are right in taking the mainstream media with a grain of salt.

However, the first thing that we need to look at is the religion. It is important to remember that nearly all Serbs who have any religion at all are Eastern Orthodox Christians.

The Ottoman Invasion

You are right about the Islamic invasion of the Balkans being the root cause. However, you must realize that it goes considerably deeper. To understand the significance of this Islamic invasion, you must also look at the goings on in the Christian world in that era and before. For centuries, the Early Church had been diverging into the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church, until the schism became official in the year 1054. If you don’t have a background in Orthodox Christianity, understanding the interface of Islam with the Balkans can be difficult.

Suffice it to say that that many of the issues between the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church resurfaced during the Reformation. So, from a Protestant viewpoint, one might say that the Catholic Church didn’t learn from the Great Schism, so they had to relive it in the Reformation. From a Roman Catholic perspective, one might say that one departs from the Pope’s leadership at one’s own peril.

But that was to come later. The world of the Orthodox Church was being seriously threatened from the rise of Islam. That threat provided a motive for the Orthodox Church to “return to the fold.” The Byzantine Empire was rapidly falling and Russia was still a fledgling land. Help from the Western world might have saved the Balkans from Islamic invasion.

Yet, the Orthodox Church world felt it had no alternative but to go it alone against Islamic rule rather than submit to Rome. Considering some of the misdeeds of the Crusaders toward the Orthodox, one cannot blame them. Even so, at one time, all but one of the major Orthodox bishops had agreed to accept the Pope’s leadership in order to get Western military aid. Unlike Roman Catholicism, the Orthodox structure is decentralized and requires a consensus from the bottom up. What Orthodox bishops decide in their councils must be ratified both by their priests and by the people they serve. The general feeling amongst Orthodox Christians was that they would rather be Godly slaves under Muslim tyranny, than heretical servants of the Pope.

Coat of Arms of Serbia and Montenegro

Resisting the Nazis

To really understand the World War II resistance movements in the Balkans, we must again look to religion. Everyone knows that Hitler hated the Jews. However, he also hated other ethnic peoples and religions. Hitler hated most Slavic peoples and all Orthodox Christians. He also hated the Roma people, a/k/a Gypsies. Western history tells us of Hitler’s extermination of the Jews, and to a lesser extent, that of the Gypsies. We do hear a little bit of discussion of Hitler’s of mass killings of Russians and Poles. However, the Serbs were about number three on Hitler’s hit parade – and that is practically never mentioned.

So, while some other European ethnic groups may have had motives either to fight against the Nazis or to join them, the Serbs did not face a nice welcome mat with a Swastika in the center. This was because the Serbian people had vehemently refused to cooperate with the Nazis, so the feeling was mutual. After all, the Serbs had just freed themselves from centuries of domination from the both the Ottoman Turks and Austria-Hungarian Empire.

Was it a Snake or Slobodan Milosevic Who Tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden?

Well, yes, this is a ridiculous question, but after what the media has done to the story about the Balkan in 1990s, it almost seems logical. Our reader continues:

But I get the impression that Slobodan Milosevic led the Serbian people (and Serbs in other Yugoslav states) into violently surpressing the breakup of Yugoslavia, which may have had its roots, (besides the obvious ethnic and religious differences) in the perceived preferential treatment of Serbs in Tito’s Yugoslavia was also a factor.

Milosevic’s Trial

In The Hague’s dubious international court, Slobodan Milosevic presented one of the most skillfully self-defended cases in recent memory. In over a year’s time, the prosecution simply could not present any credible evidence of wrongdoing. The court faced a dilemma: either clear Milosevic, who had already been tried and convicted in world press, or convict him and incur the wrath and derision of every honest legal scholar for years, if not centuries, to come.

Instead, they looked to the precedent set in organized crime and quietly arranged for his death. While the court had no official power to impose a death penalty, they did have the power to deny him medical treatment. Russia offered to treat him and return him to The Hague when he recovered, but this kangaroo court could not risk the possibility Milosevic recovering.

If there had been any evidence that Milosevic was involved in any violent suppression, it would certainly have come up at his trial. It did not, so connect the dots.

Yugoslavian Civil Wars

Like it or not, wars are violent. The breakup of Yugoslavia was not inevitable. It might not have taken place at that time, but for the encouragement of Germany, the Vatican, and the US. If it did occur, the breakup of Yugoslavia need not have involved violence. Be that as it may, the formation of Yugoslavia was the outcome of poor judgment in the first place. (We are working on an article to this effect, which should be posted soon.)

Tito and the Serbs

On the issue of Tito, or reader is completely mistaken. Tito certainly did not give the Serbs any preferential treatment. In fact, they were expected to surrender their Serbian identity and become “Yugoslavs.” Tito was a lifelong enemy of the Serbian people. He believed that a strong Yugoslavia meant a weak Serbia, and that a strong Serbia meant a weak Yugoslavia.

While many remember Tito as leading Yugoslavia in peace, that peace came at a great price, to the Serbs most of all.

False Allegations of Genocide Are Criminal

Our reader continues:

But the Serbs did drive out Bosnians, especially Muslims, put some in camps, and killed a fair number. Where the pictures of starving prisoners in Serb camps fabricated? BTW, I have no respect for the UN, but I also clearly recall that Serbs kidnapped UN troops, and handcuffed some of them (I have seen the pictures) to light posts as hostages or human shields.

“Bosnians” Is a Misleading Term

There is no such ethnic group as “Bosnians.” Bosnia is a place. Anyone who lives there is a Bosnian, just as anyone residing in New York is called a “New Yorker.” If you and I moved to Bosnia, we would become Bosnians. Serbs, Croats and Muslims of Slavic descent all live there, and all can be called Bosnians.

Yes, Virginia, Those Were Fake Photos

Jared Israel debunked the myth of Serbian camps years ago. There is a film available that caught them in the act of faking those photos. To make a long story short, the camera crew, not the people being photographed, stood behind a fence. The people shown in the photo were outside the fence and were free to come and go. The man in the foreground who looks starved was suffering from a congenital disease; few people noticed that everyone else in the photo looks normal.

But once those photos came out, many unsubstantiated tales were embroidered around them and published in the media.

Where Are the Bodies?

We have heard so much about these alleged death camps. But no bodies, and no other evidence of such mass executions, have been found in the many years that the NATO powers have controlled the parts of Yugoslavia that were once at war. After World War II, there was massive evidence of Nazi death camps. In the 60-plus years since WWII, great strides have been made in forensic science.

I don’t remember seeing any pictures of Serbs holding UN troops hostage. However, not all pictures of Serbs doing nefarious acts actually involve Serbs. Unless you know the Serb in question, the first thing that you need to ask yourself is: Who is trying to make the Serbs look bad this time? There is ample evidence that Muslims have dressed up as Serbs in order to do bad things for the deception of news reporters and camera crews. This practice continues to this day in Kosovo.

Don’t Minimize – A Century Is Not a Decade

Our reader continues:

I am also aware that the Muslims in Kosovo have been on a jihad against Serbian civilians for almost a decade now.

Albanian Muslims have been playing the population bomb game in Kosovo for over 100 years. In 1900, there were very few Albanian Muslims in Kosovo. They have been moving in, legally or otherwise, and their religious leaders have been encourage them to multiply and overpopulate the province, ever since.

The Albanian Muslims sided with the Axis powers during World War II. Many of them served with Mussolini’s Fascist forces, where they took the opportunity to kill the Serbs, who, of course, were fighting for the Allies. Same jihad, different decades.

Ever Met an Actual Serb?

Our reader continues:

But unless I’m grossly misinformed (and I realize the MSM would spin towards Muslims against Christians), the Serbs were generally the aggressors in Bosnia and Croatia, and were responsible for radicalizing what were probably the most moderate Muslims (or apostates, as a Muslim who doesn’t want to dominate the kafir is not following the teaching of Muhammad) in the world, and drawing Arab jihadis to the region.

Yes, you were grossly misinformed. The Serbs were not the aggressors. People who are not acquainted with Serbs or Serbian-Americans are liable to fall for these allegations hook, line and sinker. People who know Serbs generally find it unbelievable that the Serbs would ever be the aggressor in any struggle. As a gentleman from Macedonia once told me, “The problem with the Serbs is that they are a bunch of Albanian lovers. They trust everybody and don’t understand why they are always getting attacked.”

Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying that there were no skirmishes where a Serb fired the first shot. Nor am I saying that the Serbs never went on the offensive. But the US government wanted to have the Serbs as enemies to satisfy some shortsighted political goals. Its propaganda arm, the mainstream media, provided stories to back them up. In the US, we consider all aggressors to be wrong. Therefore, if its propagandists can paint one side as the “aggressor,” we are halfway to going to war on the side of the supposed “underdog.”

Muslims, on the other hand, don’t need to be radicalized. They have a 1400-year history of springing into violent action. Sure, you can find “moderates” here and there, who claim that Islam is a religion of peace. But their claims are belied by history. Jihad has always been a crime of opportunity, not a retaliation against provocation.

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