You Can Blog for Free Speech: Modoggies and Other Cartoon Censorship Issues

by 1389 on September 23, 2007

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Artist Lars Vilks stirs the pot even more!
(Updated 10/18/2007)

An Artist and His Dog Small smiley stirring the pot

Support Free Speech, Support Lars Vilks

Help The Gates of Vienna fight “Modoggies” cartoon censorship
(Updated 9/25/2007)

Click on the flag to learn how you can participate:

The Gates of Vienna: Join the Art Project!

Copy this code to display The Öland Modoggie Free Speech Flag on your site:

  • Select all of the code in the text box for the desired image size.
  • Ctrl-C to copy the code.
  • Ctrl-V to paste the code into your blog.

Medium-size image:

Small-size image:

Here’s a list of all articles on “Modoggies” at The Gates of Vienna:

The Modoggie Archives

Also see:

Participate in this important blogburst:

Blogburst: Muslims Against Shariah Issue Counter Bounty

This is where it all started:

Support Denmark: Why the Forbidden Cartoons Matter

Join The Mohammed Cartoon Blogburst – Learn Why it’s Still So Important

Learn about other cartoon censorship issues:

Islamist censorship in general:

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