The True Genesis of Amnesty International: it’s not what you might think!

by 1389 on June 19, 2007

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Our Suspicions Proved Correct

Quadrant: The True Genesis of Amnesty International

Read the above article by Claudio Veliz in Quadrant Magazine: Australia’s independent review of literature and ideas. Veliz was involved with the organization from its founding. Just for starters, Amnesty International came into being much earlier than its official founding date of 1960.

And if you have ever suspected that Amnesty International is anything but politically neutral, despite its stated policy of representing “prisoners of conscience” from both the left and the right, you will learn exactly how and why your suspicions are correct.

According to Veliz:

The Cold War experience would also have confirmed Münzenberg’s conviction that waged urbi et orbi, such campaigns would be ignored inside a communist world undisturbed by a free press and public opinion, but would undermine the moral status of policies advanced by the United States and its allies.

Vatican Calls for Catholics to Stop Supporting Amnesty Int’l

This article sheds additional light upon the hidden leftist agenda of Amnesty International. One need not be a Catholic to regard AI’s recent activities as a grotesque betrayal of the organization’s stated aims:

Cardinal Renato Martino, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace at the Vatican, called on Catholics to stop supporting the group.

“If in fact Amnesty International persists in this course of action, individuals and Catholic organizations must withdraw their support, because, in deciding to promote abortion rights, AI has betrayed its mission,” the National Catholic Register quoted him as saying.

(Stein hoist to The Triumvirate!)


  • Winds of Jihad: Amnesty calls for Bali bombers’ lives to be spared

    * Amnesia Intentional, Irene `Gulag’ Khan’s far left Islamo-fascist front against freedom and democracy, is looking for bleeding hearts and other useful idiots to save the lives of the good Muslims who blew up 200 Westerners in the Bali bombings.

    FRIENDS and relatives of Bali bombing victims have rejected calls by Amnesty International for the lives of three Bali bombers to be spared.

    The human rights group has called on Australians to write to the Indonesian authorities in a bid to avert the execution of Imam Samudra, Ali Ghufron and Amrozi bin Nurhasyim…”

    Hmmm…I thought that AI made a big deal out of their policy of not helping anybody who has “used or advocated violence.”

  • Amnesia Blasts US on Terrorism War

    “* AI is rotten to the core, just like the UN. Their sole purpose seems to be to hide and excuse the embarrassing filth and depravity of non-Western (Islamic) countries, by exaggerating and lying about what Western countries do.

    * More proof that human rights organizations have degenerated into a front for Muhammedan agent provocateurs like the excremental Irene “Gulag” Khan, with help of her Marxist enablers:

    [Amnesty International (AI) Secretary General] Irene Khan is a Muslim and was born in Bangladesh.
    Obviously Bangladesh has become a paragon of human rights and equality in the past few years, unbeknownst to all of us, for someone from there to righteously preach to the rest of us about rights as if it was invented by them.

  • New York Sun: Scrutinize Amnesty International

    …In contrast to the democratic governments that Amnesty officials frequently denounce and condemn, including Israel, NGOs are not subject to independent accountability.

    No one outside the inner circle knows how or why they choose their particular “targets,” or how they assess the “evidence,” or write their reports. And officials such as Amnesty’s Irene Khan are often in power and in control of massive budgets for many years, without significant challenges or competition.

    Given this situation, the time is long past due for ending the “halo effect” that surrounds powerful groups such as Amnesty and Human Rights Watch. Their reports should not be given automatic credibility by journalists, diplomats, academics, and individuals genuinely committed to the universality of human rights principles.

    Rather than publicizing their reports and endorsing their campaigns, the publications of Amnesty and similar groups need to be subjected to the same type of independent questioning as is done for reports issued by governments and other political organizations.

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